Late night gushing over the new Divergent featurette

Late night gushing over the new Divergent featurette

After the 60 second sneak peek and the MTV trailer, I thought things couldn’t get better. Boy, was I wrong.


A new Divergent featurette came out and since then, I’ve been hyperventilating in my little obsessive corner. This time, I need someone to hold my hand. So I invited Gwen to freak out with me.


First things first: the lets-freak-out-together video:



ALLY: Oh… my… goodness! I can’t believe it. I thought that after the trailer the other day, I was done. But this featurette got me even more excited (if that’s even possible!). You know I liked the books, I read both in less than a week, but content-wise and story-wise, I liked The Hunger Games better. But I think I’m gonna like the Divergent movie more. The scenes they showed are so awesome! And they seem quite truthful to the book. I saw several key scenes and key locations on this little gem of a vid. What did you think?


GWEN: I’m speechless. OH MY GOD. Oh my god. ohmygod. It’s sooooo much more than I could have hoped for! I mean, the sets are PERFECT. It’s just like you said, I liked better the Hunger Games Trilogy in terms of the books, but I’m already sold on the movie. I didn’t have that happen when “The Hunger Games” came out. I’m still not 100% on board with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. But Divergent is so spot on! And Kate Winslet??! How will I be able to hate her?? I LOVE HERRRRR. And Jai! First footage I see of Jai AT ALL. I hate that he’s going to play Eric, I’m gonna hate his guts, but I love him so muuuuuuch! The sets are AWESOME. The scenes, like you said, there are a lot of key scenes there, and it’s just a 2 minute sneak peek. WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR?!??!?!?!!?


ALLY: See what I mean? This movie is gonna be a-fricking-mazing! The sets are perfect! And the casting is soooooooooooooo good! Did you see Tori? Maggie Q as Tori is spot on. Kate Winslet is out of this world. I loooove her. I won’t be able to hate her. She’ll make me chose Erudite, I’m sorry. I knew you’d love to see the first footage of Jai as Eric. That was so exciting. I know you have a moral and ethical debate of whether to like Jai or Theo. I feel your pain, sister. I knew Jai before I did Theo, and loved him as overgrown-cupid in Spartacus, but… Theo. That’s it. Theo. I just can’t even… Can we talk about this arm, please?




GWEN: The arm, that’s a veeeery nice arm. But I don’t know. There is something I still can’t place, his face isn’t “calling to me”. They tried to ugly Jai up, but I can’t hate him. I just can’t. You can see Eric in there, when he talks to the camera. His voice is deeper, his way of speaking and moving is different, too. The casting directors are EVIL. And I think my problem with Theo rests in the fact that I had a different actor in mind when I was reading the book. It only happend with Four, the rest of the characters were pretty blank to me. Four had a face and a tone of voice and a way of moving, and I can’t get it out of my head. And it’s not Theo, I’m sorry. I think the real challenge is going to be to turn me into a Theo lover after the movie comes out, hahahahhah. Maggie Q as Tori!!! And Ashley Judd as Tris’ mom! And Zoe Kravitz! I CAN’T. There is so much perfect in this movie I’m going to EXPLODE.


ALLY: Yeah, I was on explosion-mode, so I just needed you near! I can’t take all this magnificence on my own. I can’t hate Jai either. Not after Varro or Die Hard. Me likes Jai. So basically, I’m screwed. I’m rooting for the bad guys. Janine and Eric. Damn. And Jai’s voice!!! Jeez! Is it me or is it deeper than ever? Who did you picture as Four? I read the books after Theo was cast, so I always had him in mind (that’s why my personal Four is older than 18, thank God. I’d totally feel like a cradle-robber if not). Theo is perfect, excuse you! His lips, his eyes, his aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamrs, his hands, his back, his awesome self. And his voice. I’m done for. Quick question: did you notice that we melt for a British accent, and only like an American accent when a British dude is doing it?


GWEN: Jai’s voice IS deeper!! I think he’s in full on Eric mode. I think he can’t quite detach himself from the character. I am rooting for the bad guys too! This is a disaster. It has never happened to me before! I must be going crazy! I don’t know if I should reveal my pick for Four. It’s too embarrassing… Okay, it was Austin Butler. I had just seen him in “The Carrie Diaries”, and I don’t know. Something about the way he’s first described just brought him to mind. (It’s not my fault, I’m not taking any responsibility for the crazy deeds of my imagination). Theo is perfect… But not my type, I guess. And I have to agree and disagree on the accent question. I absolutely adore British accents, and Australian is one of my weaknesses too. But I also love an American accent. And this only happened to me after listening to Jared a few times talking for long periods of time (which he has a tendency to do, poor soul), he has the most beautiful American accent ever. Granted, it’s just to cover up his “Southern boy” accent, but I could listen to him giving the weather or reading from a phone book all day long.


ALLY: Austin Butler, you cougar? He’s a 1991 baby!!! Ok, granted, Four is supposed to be 18, but I refuse to have the hots for someone born after 1984. So, if you don’t like him, he’s all mine, thank you very much. I have 1 fear: I need the first time we see Four, after the First Jumper scene to be just PERFECT. I need to be swooned off my cinema seat in 3 seconds. I need to be like “wow”. Oh! And I like Theo all dressed in black all the time. Talking of fears (spoiler alert): how stupid does Tris have to be to have one of her fears be sleeping with Four? Girl, are you outta your divergent little mind???!!! Though that fear landscape scene is gonna be awe-some!!! UH! Australian accent! Hhmmm… totally.


GWEN: Hey, now. I said I saw him as Four, I never said I liked him!!! Absolutely, Theo is all yours. Okay, then I’ll know not to utter a word during Four’s first scene! On the (spoiler alert) sex fear thing landscape, I totally get her. I used to be just like that, too afraid to even look at the guy I liked when I was younger. So if I liked him A LOT, I couldn’t even talk to him. I relate to that fear landscape soooo much!


ALLY: Exactly. Total silence. But keep a CPR kit nearby, just in case. Yeah, well. Whatever. I might get her point too. I’m not a heartless b!tch. I’m just looking forward to that particular scene. Oh, by the way: did you notice Theo’s ears that are straight out of a “Lord of the Rings” movie? Orlando Bloom lent him some Legolas props, apparently…




GWEN: LOOK AT HIS EARS!!!!!! Wait, are we sure he’s not really just an Elf in disguise? I mean, think about it, he’s from New Zealand descent… And we all know that’s where Peter Jackson has all the elves, just locked up in his basement for whenever he needs to shoot the next 3 LOTR prequels, sequels or whatever…


ALLY: Well… the Taptiklis surname sure does sound like he comes from Mirkwood… Elf or not, I’d still do him.


Gwen and Ally
Written by Gwen and Ally

Soul sisters. Twins from another mother and sisters from another mister. We have highly addictive personalities with a slight touch of obsession. Some shared fandoms, some where we don't coincide. Movie night is a must, as is texting while Award-show-watching. Deep tendency to crush on hot celebs. Both quote movies in every day conversations. Talk about fictional characters as if they were real people.


      1. Lucia

        Yeah I thought the teaser was great if you were already a fan of the books or had read the books. When hubby and I watched it together (he hadn’t read the books yet), his response was “meh”. But then I convinced him to read the book and he ended finishing Insurgent as well and we watched the trailer again and response was way more positive. To make a long story short, that teaser was very fan friendly but I don’t think it did much to grab non-Divergent fans. The BTS video did a good job of explaining the world of Divergent. I have such high hopes for this movie, crossing my fingers that it does well if only for the reason that I’d like to keep seeing Theo on the big screen :) :)

        1. Ally

          You could have a point there. I was so excited about seeing the first footage that I didn’t analyze it from a non-book-fan perspective.
          And yes, please let the movie soar at the Box office so we have at lest 2 more movies with Theo!!!

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